What you should wear for an Investor Pitch meeting.

What you should wear for an Investor Pitch meeting.

Hi everyone,

Sarah from the CANs here!

I am writing to discuss, what you should wear for a Pitch meeting.

A pitch deck is a presentation you give to showcase yourselves, your idea or product to an audience. In simple terms, a pitch deck is you saying to a potential client, customer, partner or employer, “Hey! I am the best. Pick me!

In the past, before the Zoom era, you had to bring on your A game when presenting before an  audience both in terms of the quality of your presentation and the quality of your looks. Yes, you had to look the part from head to toe if you wanted to be taken seriously. 

In more recent times however, with increasing levels of remote work and virtual participation, we are now presented with the option of looking the part but only from head to waist. *wink 

Do not let anyone deceive you into thinking that it does not matter how you look. After all, we have seen many very famous and highly successful tech founders with ripped jeans, piercings, dreads and even androgynous looks. The catch phrase ‘dress like you would like to be addressed’ will forever stand true.

In this article I will share with you 3 very important tips on dressing for a pitch deck

Do Your Research 

It might never occur to you to research about the company culture of the organisation you’re going to pitch at but I assure you that a quick google search will reveal to you all you need to know to prepare your overall appearance. How you show up for a pitch at a tech startup cannot be the same look you pull to a more established, well structured organisation. Thank God for social media. Look up their pages and see how they dress to work. That way, you  

Smarts over Casuals

In as much as we would like to think that the world is moving away from formal dress codes and I agree with you. However I would argue that the goal is to look smart and not razz. If you are going for a proper corporate look, good for you! If you are going for a more casual look, make sure that your casual look is smart enough to give a good impression.It will be much better if you went in overdressed than underdressed or inappropriately dressed. Your best bet is to play it safe with smart casuals. 

The Devil is in the Detail

You need to pull your entire look together. It’s not enough that you’re wearing a designer shirt or a fancy watch. If your hair, for example, is not well groomed, your entire look will go down the drain. Nothing screams tacky like a visible tear or an undone button. Make sure you pull your look together by checking and double-checking that you look together. Check your breath, check your hair and your nails, ensure that nothing is hanging loose. Use your mirror. Ask anyone around you about your look. When you’re confident about you look, then you can step out in style. 

Pro Bono Tip

You’re Never Fully Dressed without a Smile. Nobody wants to do business with a grunch so make sure to put on your biggest smile as soon as you enter the room (or turn on your camera as the case may be). Even if you are not in the best of moods, take a deep breath and fake a wide smile. Research shows that when you force yourself to grin, it triggers your brain cells to think that you are happy and so you become happy.

You’re welcome! There you have it- all you need to smash your pitch, right at your fingertips.

Till I come back with new tips and tricks, have a lovely week.

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