The Friday Dump: Winter Is Coming

The Friday Dump: Winter Is Coming

We missed you last week!

Welcome to the second edition of The Friday Dump. The Friday Dump is a weekly run down of what’s new in the tech world on Twitter. We love to spill the blue bird’s secrets. 

Here is the dish on what you missed last week:

 NASA’s billion-dollar baby; the James Web telescope got hit astronomically by a micro meteoroid, no pun intended.

TikTok; is a social app with a vast majority of teenage content creators. It is currently developing a new app feature with reduced screen time activity. No more late-night social stalking or burning the midnight ring light.

Apple just introduced her “buy now, pay later” service. Earlier last week, this new development was revealed at the 2022 developer’s conference. The buy now, pay later is not avant-garde to most technological companies as most Nigerian banks hopped on this trend. The service is set to be a soft cushion for customers on a limited budget. To be eligible for this service, the user must have an Apple wallet and a good soft credit status. The Pay later app would be built into the Apple wallet and the desired purchase would be done via the Apple Pay.

Apple seems to be gaining a higher ground with its competitors by buttering up its consumers. The question remains, are they fit to be called the consumer darling?

Now, this week in tech is looking a bit cold and with a beaver on the loose:

Canada’s downtime: Canada experienced 8 hours of downtime and this was caused by the unexpected. The BC hydro, is the body responsible for the Power supply in Northwestern British Columbia. It has credited this outage to a beaver’s feeding adventures. Well. stranger things are happening.


Fingers crossed for the graphic designers and content creators as Photoshop intends to run a free version of its software

Instagram has new update to its feature. This allows parental control for kids profile


Cryptocurrency is no foreigner to the cause of heart breaks and jubilees across the world. Striving to break into the the market as a top investment, it has made major strides over the years. Economics taught us that every investment comes with risk.  Life teaches that with great power comes great responsibility. Cryptocurrency teaches the importance of both. Every tech personnel or tech enthusiasts has had major stakes in the cryptocurency market. This was largely influenced by world renowned Billionaire Elon Musk. 

Lately the glorious tale has slowly diminished to sad news. The cryptocurrency markets are rapidly falling short, it has seen a monumental drop of $949 billion from $3 trillion dollars it hit in Novem ber, 2021. This large diminish has caused a resultant decrease in the open sea markets for NFTs. Some experts believe the current crash is only temporary while others are  not so trusting in its infallibility. 

Coinbase, one of the most popular cryptocurrency platform seems to be having a winter period due to the cryptocurrency crash.  It reported on Tuesday; it would  be letting go 18% of its work force in  a bid to ride out the downtime. The market value of cryptocurrency assets falls below $1 trillion, investors dump risky assets and fear the worst is yet to come. 

The popular British series might have predicted correctly; winter is coming but some cryptocurrency investors fear that winter is already here.

Here’s what the Twitter space looks like with the free fall:

“You’re surviving the worst crypto crash in history”

“#Tether is the largest scam on earth. The collapse we’ve spent months warning about is happening right before our eyes. It’s only the beginning. Insiders are jumping ship before the real carnage. The BTC crash below $10,000 is inevitable.”

“Crypto at free fall. Buy or Bye ?

#Cryptocrash  #CryptoMarket #BitcoinCrash”

Patience seems to be another requirement especially as a cryptocurrency investor. What are your thoughts on the free fall?.

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