The Friday Dump: “I Want my Money Back”

The Friday Dump: “I Want my Money Back”
Friday Dump

Hi, Ashley here!

Jennifer is away and I will be taking over her platform for today.

Welcome to the maiden edition of the Friday Dump, a social media daily rundown of trending topics about all things, business, entrepreneurship and you- the customers on social media.

Today on the Friday Dump, we would be tackling investments & Risks. Twitter, the hen house for all the likes of God’s creation, is currently Marketing abuzz. Shockingly, Elon Musk and Zukerberg are not as private as they thought they were.  A brazen young teen by the name Jack Sweeney claims to know the whereabouts of these moguls. Which begs the question, “is anything hidden under the sun?”. 

Marketing Affiliation Saga

Moving on to the Nigerian space, there is a new “marketing affliction cycle”. Let us take a piece from an annoyed bluebird user: 

Phew!, someone needs his money back. 

Sapa- the term popularly known by a large population of the Nigerian youth, hits differently with the changing economy. The investment market has seen many faces of “money guaranteed” systems and, while some have been disappointed others seem to have profited expeditiously.

Expert Naira

 Expertnaire is currently having its waves and it has heard some success stories but then, who am I to judge from one person’s point of view. Here is a bite from another disgruntled victim:

I cannot say for sure what happened to these people but it is pretty obvious that they are not getting their money’s worth. Affiliate marketing is simply suggesting a product for someone who needs it. It is simply door to door marketing but via the web space.  I would like to be full of faith in the expectations for the economy but the reality is that change is permanent and so is human growth and development. 


So I did a face to face survey on various thoughts and expectations on affiliate marketing, here are views from the public:

P1: “i think, it’s useful, i have no idea what is though”

P2: “I think it is legit,it is not an instant profitable venture, you need to build your experience and authority on it.

P3: It sounds too good to be true, although I know  that people say they make a lot of money from it. I still don’t understand it.

P4: why would I tag myself to marketing when I can make money from digital marketing from the comfort of my home. 

P5: I would not call it an investment but rather a side hustle

P6: marketing for a company and they pay you for your performance feels like stress

P7: Of course, it’s affiliate marketing, everything can be legit depending  on how you do it. 

Wow! these are some of people’s opinions on the new “marketing affliction”. I will take a  bite from  speaker P8; it all comes down to personal preference, you cannot give what you don’t have. 

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