Press statement: The CWCDAfrica Signs MOU with the Center for Democracy and Development (CDD)

Press statement: The CWCDAfrica Signs MOU with the Center for Democracy and Development (CDD)

The CANs foundation (CWCDA) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the deployment of its ENGAGE platform, with the Center for Democracy and Development (CDD). 

The Signing ceremony which took place at the Headquarters of the CDD, Friday, had in attendance stakeholders from CWCDAfrica as well as the CDD, and the objectives of the MOU seeks to promote useful cooperation for the promotion of Engage under various obligations.

Speaking at the signing ceremony in Abuja, the Chief executive officer of CWCDAfrica, Olajide Abiose said, ‘’the Engage platform provides an opportunity to drive citizens and government engagement around issues such as democracy and governance. He added that, data collected from the platform would be useful for making effective policy recommendations.

 Engage, a crowdsourcing platform uses new technologies that allow citizens to engage the government on critical issues concerning them. It also allows for citizens to freely call on the government for actions in areas they would love to see changes, such as a call for petition signing, anonymous whistleblowing, and conducting independent surveys.
The CWCDA is an independent institution that leverages technology for solving dire social issues and has in the past unveiled technology solutions to tackle issues such as Gender-based violence and police brutality.

However, the deployment of Engage comes as a welcome development in its mission for creating an Africa where young people who through technology can change the continent.
The MOU coverage is focused on the areas of App development, stakeholder engagement, privacy protection, resource center provision, relationships management, and access to  database.

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