How Backup can protect you from Police brutality and Human rights violations

How Backup can protect you from Police brutality and Human rights violations

We all thought the End SARS protest was going to bring a permanent end to police brutality in Nigeria, but we didn’t know that things were going to remain the same. Have you checked the blogs lately? The reports and stories are unending, with tales of brutality and violations from almost everyone you meet.

What if there was a technology solution that could help you to discreetly record these activities, send them to people in your network, and provide your location? How about a solution that could send a rescue signal and live tracking of your location to your friends, families, and social media without the officers knowing? Well, we have a solution! Backup can do this and much more.

The BackUp App enables you to report police violations on behalf of victims. It also enables you to alert friends on social media, make toll-free calls to report harassment, and broadcast your real-time location to friends and family. The App also enables you to send short video clips as evidence to your friends and families. These and many more are the advantages that come with the Backup. You don’t only get help during the attack, you can also get the justice you need. In cases of kidnapping, Backup can help to alert your family and friends on your location so you can get help.

The BackUp app is easy to use, all you have to do in case of an attack is PRESS an emergency button and the rescue alarm starts blaring on the phones of your emergency contacts even if their phone was on silent. The App is free, contains no Ads, and was built with the support of International Non-Profits Organizations. 

We all need the BACKUP regardless of who we are, or how old we are, so what are you waiting for? Get Backed Up NOW!

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