Press statement: The CANs marks World Art Day, relaunches its Nomadic Technology & Arts Garden(NTAG)

Press statement:  The CANs marks World Art Day, relaunches its Nomadic Technology & Arts Garden(NTAG)

Abuja, Nigeria, April 13, 2022 – Nigeria’s foremost Eco-friendly technology hub, the CANs Park unveiled a three-day event themed ‘’ Artivation’’ to commemorate World Arts day. The Event which also marked the relaunch of its Nomadic Technology and Arts Garden held from the 13th of April to the 15th of April 2022. The Nomadic Technology and Arts Garden was unveiled in Partnership with Badhuman designs led by Leading Nigerian Artist Joe Abdallah.

Built on the tenets of innovation, sustainability, and development, the CANs park is one of the country’s leading technology hubs working to promote the use of technology to solve Africa’s challenges. Its work revolves around supporting individuals, organizations as well as the government with innovative and technology-driven tools to help better their products and processes. Amongst their service listings are professional technology services, a top-notch co-working space, and an art garden. 

In a statement during the workshop, the Chief Executive officer and founder of the CANs, Khalil Halilu said that the CANs as an organization seeks to improve the value of artistic creations by creating an enabling environment for the adoption of Arts and cultural practices in Nigeria. The CANs are also looking to find avenues for the collaboration of arts and technology in Africa.

Having reached the final stages of its revamp, after months of hard work, NTAG was relaunched with activities such as a talk show, live painting and Batik artistry, and an art exhibition. Other activities at the event where live music performances, movie showcases, and camping.

The event also included a workshop at the Handicraft village at the Transcorp Hilton, Abuja. The speaker lineup where patrons of the art and creative sectors in Nigeria such as; Muyiwa Togun, Almodad Israel Iliya, and Oluwabukunmi Olukitibi. The topic, the Diversity of Artistic Creation & its Contribution to the African economy was selected to dissect trending issues in Arts and come up with ways to tackle the problem.

As an organization that celebrates art and creativity, the CANs has reiterated, through the launch of NTAG, that it is in tune with the global art world and is open to collaborative efforts that will propel the art, crafts, and culture of Nigeria and Africa to a global audience. Moving forward, the space is set to become a creative hub for artists and artisans to express their creativity and showcase their works to a wider audience.

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