Press statement: CWCDAfrica calls on President Buhari to sign the Electoral Bill.

The Nigerian Electoral Bill governs the overall operations of the Nigerian elections. It covers the Financial independence of INEC, electronic voter accreditation, redefines overvoting, electronic transmission of votes, and lots more. It is for this reason that CWCDAfrica considers the delay in the assent of the electoral bill most worrisome and, we join our voics with civil societies in Nigeria to call for the immediate signing of the bill.

The issues of electoral malpractice and voter fraud have long marred the credibility of the Nigerian elections. Election results that often do not reflect the will of the people have caused a distrust of the electoral system and issues such as a delayed assent of the bill, further lends credence to fears of more elections malpractice being eminent.

Alternatively, early assent to the electoral bill will ensure for early release of funds for electoral purpose, greater efficiency in the operations of INEC, and greater trust in the electoral process. This could further increase civic and citizen participation in future elections. As an organization impassioned about transparency and good governance, we demand President Buhari to sign the Electoral Bill Now!

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