CWCDAfrica: Increasing Voter Participation through effective Election Monitoring, Reporting & Partnerships

CWCDAfrica: Increasing Voter Participation through effective Election Monitoring, Reporting & Partnerships

It is no news that for decades elections in Nigeria have not been free & fair. Therefore, the 2023 presidential elections will be in jeopardy if there are no public-private partnerships & superior technological systems to encourage voter education, therefore ensuring the fluency of the electoral processes.

According to reports by the Independent national electoral commission, voter turnout across states In Nigeria has remained around 30 to 35 percent registered voters in the last two electoral cycles.

 Major factors for low voter turnout according to investigations show inadequate voter education and ineffective voter mobilization. For this reason, CWCDAfrica in partnership with the Goree Institute, Charter Project Africa & EU has collaborated to improve voter education and launch the CWCDAfrica Electoral monitoring system Zabe. The ZABE platform was built to navigate the intricacies of electoral monitoring, present relevant and useful analyses, and provide a technological basis for managing elections.

The resultant effect will be a presentation of factual data that can inspire a huge voter turnout. The ZABE software features parallel voter tabulation, incidence reporting, canvasser management, and much more. It is useful for analyzing voter turnout, voting patterns, political stronghold, and terrain analysis. It can also present current Data like the number of registered voters for each LGA/wards/PU predicted turnout, winning criteria, political stronghold distributions and so much more.

The Zabe platform is projected to improve the electoral processes in Nigeria. For so long Nigerians have doubted elections suspecting them of being rigged in favor of a dominant political party.  The Zabe App also comes with features like an election narrative management system, offline/online ad placements, social media content development, and Application. All the features were created to inspire voter interactions that can lead to voter turnout.

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