How they did it: Venn Oputa, Cofounder

How they did it: Venn Oputa, Cofounder
Venn Oputa

Venn Oputa is a seasoned Blockchain technology and NFT Expert, is passionate about building Capacity for African creatives and harnessing the potential of NFT’s to revolutionize technology in Africa. When we reached out to Venn Oputa for the first time, what struck us was his resolve to see lives changed through NFT’s and Blockchain Technology. In this interview we are dissecting his motivations for a Tech Career and learning a few lessons from his Life Journey.

What were your motivations for pursuing a career in Tech? Did you always work in the sector?

It was really simple for me. At the time, I noticed every business needed some form of technology to operate optimally and that inspired my career in tech. Before this, I was a petroleum reservoir Engineer for a very short time.

Can you detail your journey into technology?

It started at the university, going to hackathons and trying to win some spare cash for building products at the time. (Laughs) but eventually, I realized that there’s so much more you can do with tech, and that birth of my first real startup marketplace for fashion and ceremonial fabrics). I had a couple of highs and lows, especially during covid where the business had to be shut down, I also had a stint at a commerce platform for phone accessories, until fully diving into the blockchain sector and building the first Afro inspired NFT collection on the Solana Blockchain-

What are a few challenges you encounter in your daily work at AfroBubble? How have you handled them?

Well, the biggest issue is basic local Infrastructure like power, limited skilled personnel in the space, and Nigeria has a bad online reputation, which you have to prove otherwise, to remain a figure of integrity in the blockchain space.

Speak to us about what excites you about technology and art in this era.

If you give me a whole day I’d probably geek about this stuff but to keep it simple it is the access to a global market regardless of where you are that fascinates me, just the bare opportunity insight and also, success is largely dependent on your narrative and ability to execute.

What skill set is required to become a founder?

Sales! You’re selling every day! a vision to your team and investors, a product to your customers, and a story to believers 

Can you share a few life lessons you have learned in your journey through Technology?

Keep it simple

What advice do you have for newbies building a career in Tech?

Focus on the users and how your product will benefit them and  the rest will come

What opportunities are available for young techies who want to build an impact-driven startup?

Personally, I’m in the blockchain space and because it’s relatively new, there’s so much gap in available skill sets and companies springing up, content creators are needed, community builders, software talent and so much more. Find where you fit in and be courageous enough to apply.

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