How they did it: Olaoluwa Oloyede, Head of Growth Marketing, Gokada

How they did it: Olaoluwa Oloyede, Head of Growth Marketing, Gokada
Olaoluwa Oloyede

Olaoluwa is a passionate marketing and communications expert. He has ten years wealth of experience in e-commerce in West Africa. This has created a solid knowledge and expertise career in marketing, communications, and business growth strategies. He has a resolve to create positive differences in business communication and disruptive marketing. He is currently working across Nigeria as Head of Growth & Marketing for Gokada. One peculiar magnetic trait of Olaoluwa is his uncanny skill to create opportunities and determination for positive outcomes.

What were your motivations for pursuing a career in tech and what keeps you grounded?

To be honest, at first, I just loved how cool it sounded to say you work in a Tech company. Beyond that, working in the tech industry exposes you to a lot of learning, and career development and allows you to be innovative. These were the major things that made me join the tech space. One thing I later discovered shortly after joining Jumia is that the Tech space is usually a fast-paced environment which aligned with my personality, I love fast executions.

How did you land your first Tech Job?

There is an interesting story behind this. I was at a point where I wanted a new challenge “desperately”. I updated my LinkedIn profile and updated my CV but the companies I wanted to work with did not have vacancies; according to LinkedIn. Although, I was prepared for the opportunity with my certifications and experience; I prayed about it as well. A few weeks later, I got a random call from Human Resource personnel at Jumia saying he got my CV and he feels there is a role available and suited for me. I did not know anyone at Jumia which made me wonder how they got my CV but I told myself it must be via LinkedIn. I went through a series of interview sessions and I got the role of a Public Relations manager.

What are the few challenges you encounter in your daily work as Head of Growth Marketing for Gokada?

It has never been easy to acquire new customers, but it’s also never been easier for your competition to take them away, either. The critical challenge is ensuring your customers return and remain loyal to your brand.  Other challenges are coordinating a remote team, getting other teams aligned with marketing campaign strategies, and syncing on priorities with the Tech team.

Speak to us about what excites you about your role?

What excites me about my role is the creative freedom I wield to ensure the organization’s objectives are met. Unlike other careers that have a monotonous mode of operation, the role of a Growth Marketing expert mandates that you must constantly be creative to achieve your goals.

What skill set is required to undertake a career in Technology Marketing?

With the fierce competition in the labor market, I believe that as a Marketing expert in the Technology space your skill should cut across all aspects of Marketing: Digital marketing, content marketing, communications, data analytics, CRM, and more. A hands-on experience in these skills will set you apart, give you a competitive edge, and position you at a vantage point if you decide to start your Marketing organization.

Can you share a few life lessons you have learned in your journey?

Hmmmmm… I have learned a lot of life lessons but I will mention a few. It is important to always document all official activities for reference and indemnity. Secondly, chart your path early in your career and keep your eyes on the ball.

What advice do you have for new Bees building a career in Tech?

Beyond developing relevant skills to thrive in the Tech space, it is important to have a mentor to help you speed up your growth process and avoid pitfalls.

What advice do you have for founders on branding a Tech startup?

My advice to Founders of Tech Startup is to have a clear Marketing objective from the get-go, hire experienced talents to build a solid foundation for the brand, and develop a detailed system to measure the organization’s ROI.

What are the secrets to building a successful Technology Brand?

A tech startup can have the greatest idea or the most innovative product in the world but unless it has the right team in place it is not going to succeed. One of the vital secrets to building a successful Technology brand is to hire the right talent and retain them. 

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