CWCD Africa- the CANs foundation has performed its first user test on its crowd-sourcing platform ENGAGE. The User Test was held Tuesday, the 8th of June at the headquarters of the CANs foundation. CWCDA built Engage as a medium to enable citizen-to-government collaboration on critical developmental issues. The features of the Engage app include anonymous whistle-blowing,  independent surveys, and calling for petitions to be signed. 

The goal of the user test is to give users a seamless experience while using the App and to ensure result-driven engagement on the platform. 

According to the communications lead on the Engage project, Grace Peters, Engage is poised to be the first of its kind to enable users to call for the petition and get immediate action on matters that will drive social change.

According to a 2021 world bank report, 40% of Nigerians (83 million people) live below the poverty line, while another 25% (53 million) were vulnerable. The number of Nigerians living below the international poverty line was expected to rise by 12 million in 2019–23. 

Nigeria’s economic situation remains highly volatile and the engage platform seeks to leverage technology to bring stakeholders together to promote public-private collaborations of developmental issues.

Feedback from the concluded user test will be used in improving the present technology and ensuring seamless integration of the platform. 

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