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Tech Services

Online Payment

Because each company has its own payment preference, we ensure selection and integration of the most suitable payment method in the best interest of our clients.
The Cans has the necessary knowledge and experience to help manage and integrate the existing payment means in the online market: • Virtual POS: 3D secure system. • Cash on delivery (COD) • Debit/Credit card • Mobile Money • Alternative payment systems • Bank transfer • Direct debit • Financing •Payment Methods of the big players

Tech Platform Development

We Implement and develop services to assist your particular business needs in the development of an online sales channel. We offer you the opportunity to develop the platform that best suits your actual online channel needs.
Get the most suitable solution for your company without compromising with a certain technology. Our service includes: 1. Domain hiring and hosting selection of the online store. 2. Design and layout of the online store. 3. Photographic management of the product and audiovisual production. 4. Functional analysis of the technological platform. 5. End to end development of the online platform.

Technology Consulting

We provide a Consultancy service to help companies define their strategy and position themselves in the digital world. An objective and comprehensive view of the actual opportunities of the company in the digital business, as well as an estimate of the total investment needed for the development and management.

We provide a consultancy service that analyses areas and processes that are essential to the digital business strategy. This is done by collecting quantitative and qualitative data by working closely with our clients and providing you with a comprehensive view of the actual success possibilities online as well as definitions of economic model, functional structure, main metrics and indicators for optimum management, and a Scheduled action plan.

Tech Projects

One Finance

One Finance is an e-government platform focused on making interaction between government and citizens (G2C), government and businesses (G2B), government and its employees (G2E) and inter-agency relationships (G2G) more friendly, convenient, transparent, and inexpensive.


Peregrine is an ERP portal designed for efficient processing of requests and tracking of approvals.

Training Services

We provide training to companies that promote digital culture. It is critical to understand the tools and opportunities the digital environment has to offer companies and their employees. That is why we are committed to providing tailored courses and seminars to upgrade the digital skills of our trainees. Our Courses are for both Corporation and Education institutions.

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